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COVID Update July 2021

As you may have heard, the Welsh Government are beginning to ease restrictions beginning with a number of measures beginning on the 17th July.

While the general legal easements aren’t as wide ranging as those in England, Sport Wales and Welsh Judo have been able to confirm that restrictions on Judo for over 18s can be brought into line with those currently in place for under 18s.

*image from WJA website

What does this mean for Honto?

For the time being we are still restricted by the number of players we can have in the dojo. This is dictated by the number of 3x3 mat areas we can fit in the hall and is currently a max of 10.

As infections remain high we feel that it is sensible to restrict partners so that pairs of players remain fixed for the duration of a session. Furthermore, we intend to restrict techniques to tachi waza (throws) for the time being in order to help restrict close contact.

As we are closing for August, we feel that these are sensible first steps towards fully reopening once restrictions are further eased.

Spond App

As you are all aware, when we reopened in our current limited capacity, we made use of the Spond app to manage classes, communications and payments.

While there is a small levy charged to use this app, we have been really happy with it as it has allowed us to manage classes and communicate with relevant groups and intend to keep using it going forward.

There have been some instances where members have had to cancel. Generally we are happy to refund mat fees but we feel that if less than 24 hours notice is given then we won't offer a refund unless the spot does manage to be filled.

Obviously, if there are exceptional circumstances then please let us know.

Summer Break

We will be taking a break for the summer with the dojo closed throughout August.

Last sessions will be Monday 26th and Thursday 29th with the first session back being Thursday 2nd September

It seems likely that rules regarding how we can conduct classes may change in August. We’ll let you all know via Spond and other social media, what changes are likely once we know ourselves.

To safely train at Honto Judo:

  1. Renew WJA/BJA licence (Trail licence available for new students)

  2. Pre book and pay via Spond

  3. Fill out our the Self declaration form :

  4. Arrive at session time (Not earlier than 10 mins)

  5. Arrive in clean judogi, maintain social distance of 2m and wear face covering outside

  6. Sanitise hands on entrance (Scan QR code if you have NHS app)

  7. Enter mat area, Rei & remove footwear before stepping on the mat

  8. Have fun training, stay within your 3m x 3m area

  9. Help clean equipment used, if any

  10. Exit via the one way system at the rear fire exit doorway

Further information:

British Judo Advice & Guidelines

The latest advice of guidelines from British Judo Association can be found below. The advice from British Judo is based on English clubs only.

Government Guidelines

Please continue to follow Welsh Government and Public Health Wales guidelines:

1. Welsh Government Sport Guidance

2. Welsh Government Organised Children’s Activities

3. Welsh Government Coronavirus Control Plan (May 2021)

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