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Honto Judo Return to training 2021

We are happy to announce our dojo will be reopening again on Thursday 13th May. In order for this to happen safely we've had to make some changes to the session times and age groups. These, we hope, will be a temporary measures as we open slowly and in line with the COVID restriction guidelines and availability of our volunteer Sensei. Once further easing of the restrictions happen we will look at the arrangements to see what we can safely achieve going forward.

We have created a Club Group using Spond, if you have a device that will allow you do download the app then this will be the best way to get all available class details. We will also be using the app to take digital payments for the sessions as we will not be handling cash whilst there is still a risk of COVID (All sessions fees must be paid in advance of attending).

You will still be able to use Spond to book using their website if you do not wish to use the app -

Sign up for Honto Judo Spond membership:

For insurance purposes every judoka attending session will need to have a valid judo licence, you can buy a new licence, or renew your current, from the WJA/BJA via their websites.

*links to external websites

At first we will be limiting Junior sessions to ages 7-15 years and the senior sessions will be available for 15+ years, this will be temporary for us to judge the impact of how we can safely run sessions during this transition with regular review periods going forward.

At the moment there is limited scope under the guidelines for contact judo so sessions will be tailored appropriately by age group. For adults there will be no contact judo training so for the time being we will be pausing our Friday sessions until such time full contact can resume. Our training nights will be Monday and Thursday for junior and senior sessions.

We have to limit the number of spaces for students in each session in line with the COVID guidance, this limit will be 8 per class, this will allow us to have two Sensei at every session. With a guideline from the governing body that a 3m x 3m area is needed for each participant, we have calculated that our dojo will only be able to accommodate 10 people in total. Unfortunately this does mean that we have to restrict the numbers temporarily until the guidance changes. It also means that we won’t be able to allow spectators in the dojo.

There will be a pre booking only method for our training to enable us to safely control numbers, so please book via the Spond app/website before attending the dojo. You will be turned away if you haven’t pre booked I'm afraid.

Following the governing body guidelines, we will need every judoka to fill out a self declaration form before each session they attend. (a link will be provided on the booking service in Spond) This declaration form is a COVID symptom check demanded by the guidelines and will inform Track and Trace in the unlikely event of an outbreak occurring. Parents/guardians will need to fill out this form for children.

If you do have symptoms or are feeling unwell please do not attend, if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms please follow the government guidelines and self isolation protocols

We will also have an NHS venue check-in QR code at the dojo for you to use if you have the NHS COVID-19 app.

There will be a one way system operating at the dojo once you arrive. After pre-booking and payment via Spond, you will be able to attend at the given session time and follow the check in procedure. The main entrance to the hall will be the the way in when you arrive. Please follow the COVID guidelines of keeping at least 2m distance and wear a face covering, there will be a hand sanitisation station close to the entrance for you to use before you enter the dojo.

On entering (you can scan the NHS check in QR code if you have the NHS app) follow the one way system to the mat area as guided by your Sensei. There will be a 3m x 3m mat area for you to train on. Once the session has ended follow the one way system and leave by the rear fire exit, there will also be a hand sanitisation station at the exit for you to use. If the session has used equipment then you may be asked to help clean these before you leave.

The mat area will be cleaned after each session so there will be some time between classes to allow for this. We will also have good ventilation in the hall by opening the windows and, if not raining, both doors will be open to allow fresh air to flow through the hall. This may cause the dojo to become cold at times so please dress warm if the weather is a bit cold.

We will ask everyone to wear a clean Judogi, or if you are a new beginner suitable training apparel, before attending the dojo as there will be no changing facilities available.

For safety reasons we ask that you arrive on time (no earlier than 10 minutes before session start) to minimise congregation in the parking area. However this may be unavoidable so we ask that you maintain social distancing and face coverings while outside the dojo please.

For our Junior classes if parents/guardians could drop off their children at the front door and collect at the end of the session by the rear fire exit door.

Our first session will be on Thursday 13th May (More details and booking via Spond), we look forward to seeing you and thank you for all your support and patience during this transition period to reopening.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteer Sensei for their outstanding efforts and dedication to get the club back open again, without our volunteers support and good will this would not have been possible. Thank you so much

To safely train at Honto Judo:

  1. Renew WJA/BJA licence (Trail licence available for new students)

  2. Pre book and pay via Spond

  3. Fill out our the Self declaration form :

  4. Arrive at session time (Not earlier than 10 mins)

  5. Arrive in clean judogi, maintain social distance of 2m and wear face covering outside

  6. Sanitise hands on entrance (Scan QR code if you have NHS app)

  7. Enter mat area, Rei & remove footwear before stepping on the mat

  8. Have fun training, stay within your 3m x 3m area

  9. Help clean equipment used, if any

  10. Exit via the one way system at the rear fire exit doorway

For more information on national governing body guidance please visit:

Welsh Government advice:

Recent and upcoming changes

From 3 May

Gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools and fitness facilities can open.

Extended households can be formed with one other household.

Indoor supervised activities for children can take place.

Indoor organised activities for up to 15 adults can take place.

Community centres can open.

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